Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What to do with used K-Cups-Deodorize your refrigerator!

Make a refrigerator deodorizer with a used coffee K-Cup
So, a few months ago Eric and I saw a Keurig machine on sale. We had talked about getting one for quite a while, but our old coffee pot was still working fine and it seemed wasteful.  But, after justifying the fact that we can save some time and increase our productivity, I agreed to purchase one.  It now takes less than one minute in the morning to make coffee which makes our morning routine easier and more enjoyable. Now, think of all the times when you wanted a fresh cup of coffee but had no time to make it before you had to dash off? Familiar? Then this system is for you.

A trade off to saving time, however, is that the plastic K-Cups can be quite wasteful.  Through our home-ware industry grapevine, we know the company that makes K-Cups is trying to come up with a recyclable and more environmentally-friendly solution. We look forward to the day that happens. But in the meantime, I tried to look for ways to find uses for used K-Cups when an idea popped into my head--Refrigerator deodorizer.  Here is why, used coffee grounds are one of the most powerful natural deodorizers, and in my experience, they work better than baking soda.  In the way these K-Cups are designed, it is almost like they were perfect to be used as a refrigerator deodorizer.  The coffee grounds are packed solid so they don't spill easily. You can easily pop a few of them in a bowl and store them in the fridge-- and most importantly--they work very well.  So, if you have used a Keurig, save a few used K-cups this week, add about 1/2 tsp spoon of vanilla extract to each k cup and pop it in the fridge- it will get rid of all the weird smells in the refrigerator and leave it odorless.  If you have been using baking soda to deodorize your fridge, you can now try this method.  Give your K-Cup one last use before you throw it away.  :)

1. Make sure the K-Cup is cool enough to handle, and cut a slit on top of the foil wrapping with a knife to make removing the top of the foil easier.

2. Remove the foil completely.  Place the K-Cup in a dish. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract to each K-Cup. (Use a measuring spoon or honey spoon for more precise measurements.)

3. Place the Vanilla scented K-Cup in the refrigerator to start using!  You can make a few of these and use a cluster of K-Cups for larger sized refrigerators or if your fridge smells really bad. For best results, change the K-Cups once a week.

Having a clean smelling fridge is very important in cooking. One strong smelling ingredient in the fridge can ruin more delicate ingredients like butter or tofu.  It is important to deodorize frequently to keep your fridge smelling fresh!  This method makes it simple to do so and if you drink coffee everyday, you will have a steady supply of coffee pods to serve this purpose.

I hope you enjoyed this tip which is a kitchen care original!

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